Freddy Martin, Director

About Spirit Camp

Spirit Camp provides a strong foundation for your leaders now and your leaders of the future. So please advise those prospective leaders - all the way down to first year members - to consider attending Spirit Camp this year.

The better your students understanding of the leadership system at Spirit Camp the stronger the team and thus the more help you have in teaching fundamentals of music, music pass offs, marching, teaching drill, fundamental discipline, uniform care, equipment care, bus assignments, stand protocol for Friday night and hundreds of other details that will take those burdens off you.

Right now, you as the director, have really solid ideas about who will most likely lead next years band. Whether you use an Audition system, Merit system, Interview system or just simply rely on the older students - you know now who will likely be your band leaders for next year. Our camp week would be a perfect time to rejuvenate yourself and get your student leaders and performers off to a wonderful start for the upcoming year.

Empowering student leaders creates a feeling of ownership and pride in the band program that nothing else can accomplish. Every great band program has a well defined and specific leadership program.

Spirit Camp will develop these individuals and teams into a great staff for you and your band program. It will also send these wonderful students out into the world with skills to help them become our countrys leaders of tomorrow.