ON TUESDAY, LUNCH WILL BE ON YOUR OWN!  You need to eat lunch near the college before you come onto campus to register or bring a “sack lunch” onto campus with you.  On-Campus Participants, your following meals are provided:  Tuesday - 1 Meal (Dinner); Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - 3 Meals per Day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner); Saturday - 1 Meal (Breakfast). 
Note - while in the College Dining Facility for meals, enter once only for each meal.  You cannot go “in and out” during the same meal time.

Note to Commuter Participants - all meals on your own.   Commuters may purchase meal tickets (for an additional fee) to eat in the College Dining Facility with the rest of the campers.  If you want to purchase meal tickets for lunch and dinner on Wed-Fri to keep from having to go off campus you can SIGN UP at registration.