REGISTRATION HOURS - Tuesday, June 12th from 12:00pm-2:00pm (Central Time).  Arrive during this time and report directly to the FITZPATRICK RESIDENCE HALL (info above).

EVERYONE - Register in Fitzpatrick Hall.  DO NOT BRING LUGGAGE INTO REGISTRATION AREA (too congested)!  You will receive your dorm and room assignments at registration

EVERYONE MUST BRING $50 ROOM KEY & DAMAGE deposit (1) make check payable to Spirit Camp and 2) write “Key Deposit” and student’s name & school on check).  This was NOT part of your camp fee of $395 – it is extra.  This check will be held (NOT DEPOSITED) and returned to you the last day of camp when you return your key.  IF YOU LOSE YOUR ROOM KEY or IF ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR ROOM, THE DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED and WILL BE DEPOSITED.  We cannot issue a room key without the deposit.  (Note: The $50 non-refundable deposit mentioned on the registration form is a part of your total camp fee and has nothing to do with this key deposit.)  

ALSO bring the following 5 things (if you did not mail them) – see website if you need forms:

  1. Balance of your camp fees            • Copy of your health insurance card (front & back)
  2. Parental consent form                    • Camp rules & regulations form – signed by you and parent
    • 50 Room Key/Damage (all students staying in the dorm)    

The Camp Office during Spirit Camp is located in the FITZPATRICK Residence Hall (where registration will be held).  Directions to Camp Office (Fitzpatrick Hall) are found on first page of this mailout..

Click the images below to download the 2018 Registration Form (pdf)